Wrongful death cases require an experienced lawyer

When a wrongful death occurs- the death of a  loved one or relative due to the fault of another– a terrible  tragedy and loss happens. It is very important to utilize a lawyer and law firm that  has experience handling wrongful death claims from inception all the way through trial. The experienced lawyer will know exactly how to pursue the wrongful death claim to seek a proper resolution that obtains all available compensation as quickly as possible.


There are a host of damages that may be obtained due to the wrongful death of a relative, a loved one, an immediate family member or a life partner. The damages claimed by the  plaintiff fall into two categories, called economic damages and noneconomic damages. (Jury Instruction 3921.) Economic damages that are recoverable are:  1. Loss of financial support;  2. loss of gifts or benefits from the decedent; 3. funeral and burial expenses; and, 4. the reasonable value of the household services that were provided by the decedent.


Non-economic damages that are recoverable are: 1.The loss of the  decedent’s love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support; and 2.The loss of the enjoyment of sexual relations; and. .The loss of [name of decedent]’s training and guidance. No fixed standard exists for deciding the amount of noneconomic damages. (Jury Instruction 3921.)


When a terrible tragedy occurs in the loss of a loved one, ensure that an experienced lawyer and law firm are involved to ensure the best possible outcome from your experience.