How to Win at Trial Presentation


” It [Mr. Haffner’s presentation] was the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been attending continuing education classes on trial tactics for nearly 50 years.”

(Retired Civil Superior Court Judge.)

Matthew Haffner, founding partner of HAFFNER LAW GROUP, has been approved by the California State Bar to provide Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits (CALBAR). Mr. Haffner has given his presentation, “How to Win at Trial,” before the Santa Barbara County Bar Association (SBCBA) and the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA).


The presentation is currently scheduled before the Ventura County Bar Association for February 24, 2015. More information is included in the flyer VCBA PRESENTATION and at (VCBA).


The presentation is also scheduled for March 6 before the Santa Monica Bar Association (SMBA) and March 25 before the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association (SLOCBA). Pending but not yet scheduled is a presentation before the South Bay Bar Association (SBBA).

The presentation is based upon Mr. Haffner’s 25 years of civil litigation experience, where he had amassed a jury trial record of 29-3-2, with 29 defense verdicts; 3 plaintiff’s verdicts; and, 2 cases settled before the jury returned with a verdict.

One of the two plaintiff’s verdicts was an admitted liability, wrongful death case, so a plaintiff’s verdict was unavoidable. Another of the plaintiff’s verdicts had the jury award less than 10% of the amount requested by the plaintiff’s counsel, and about half of the amount of the last defense settlement offer.

The presentation has been well received and well attended. Mr. Haffner offers a dynamic powerpoint presentation, anchored by several animated text slides that provide guidelines and instruction for trial practice. Following these slides, the presentation includes about 25 actual slides from Mr. Haffner’s successful jury trials. Topic notes are included and much description and analysis is provided.