Law Office by Day, Art Gallery by Night

storefront cropped

The main office of Haffner Law Group is located in the heart of Ventura’s downtown district.   Ventura is an exceptional place comprised of a vibrant downtown, thriving businesses, and a flourishing arts community.   We like to be involved in the community and we aim to add something valuable and different by providing not only a valuable service to our clients, but also by engaging residents through our art gallery, The Blue Cube.   One of the hallmarks of Ventura is its commitment to the arts and Haffner Law Group embraces Ventura’s love of the arts.

THE BLUE CUBE  is a space within our law firm that is dedicated to showcasing contemporary and thought-provoking art with an emphasis on the works of student artists.  Haffner Law Group strives to support these emerging artists by providing them with a professional space, an opportunity to participate in the curatorial process, and the artistic freedom to introduce their vision to the community.  So far, The Blue Cube has garnered attention for its shows which have included video installations, interactive pieces, massive sculptures, and fiber art.  The gallery has been featured in Ventura County’s Ventana magazine.

So come by and check out our law firm by day, gallery by night.