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Find the right lawyer for your case

When someone is injured in an accident, or is wronged by the breach of an agreement, that person needs to find the right lawyer for his or her case. How does someone go about finding the right lawyer to handle their case?   A lot of lawyer retention comes from referrals– asking someone you know […]

Not having automobile insurance severely limits damages in an accident

Under Civil Code § 3333.4, entitled ” Recovery of non-economic losses arising out of motor vehicle accident,” a person who is injured in an automobile accident, even if not at all his or her fault, may have his or her non-economic damages eliminated if the accident victim did not have automobile insurance.   As a […]

What damages are available for personal injury accidents?

Whenever someone is injured in a personal injury accident, whether a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or construction site accident, the law in California allows for the recovery of what is called “damages.” Damages constitute money amounts that a jury may award for the injured person in an accident that is someone else’s […]

How to Prepare your Case for Trial

Litigation is a lengthy, expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. Using a specific game-plan and precise focus shall greatly enhance your client’s case and improve your case’s chances of a timely and effective resolution.