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Winning From the Beginning Presentation

Matthew Haffner of Haffner Law Group, a California Bar Approved MCLE Provider, recently presented before Santa Barbara County Bar Association, hosted by the Litigation Section.  Below are a few videos from our most recent presentation on the linking jury selection and opening statement: IMG-0105 IMG-0117 IMG-0126  

Winning From The Beginning Presentation

Matthew Haffner is pleased to announce his latest presentation, WINNING FROM THE BEGINNING: Jury Selection And Opening Statement set for September 5, 2019, from noon to 1:00 p.m.,  which is being hosted by: The Litigation Section of the Santa Barbara County Bar Association Location Santa Barbara College of Law, Room 1, 20 East Victoria Street, […]

5 Good Reasons to Have a Construction Contract

It is important for both the customer/ consumer and the contractor to reduce their agreement to writing before construction begins. As follows are 5 good reasons: The scope of the work can be clearly defined. Putting a description of the scope of the project in writing helps clarify the work being done, and what the […]