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What is the most important automobile insurance to have?

There are several¬† different types of automobile insurance coverage that provide protection for different scenarios — liability coverage for accidents that you cause or contribute to, medical payments coverage that provides for medical bills, and property damage reimbursement, which replaces or repairs your damaged automobile, to name just a few.   But the most important […]

5 questions to ask an attorney

5 keys questions to ask when looking for an attorney for your case

A local lawyer may make a difference

Cases are filed either in the county whether the accident or event occurred, or the county where the defendant resides. They are not filed where the plaintiff lives, unless if the event that caused the lawsuit also occurred in the same county. There are hundreds of lawyers available, and many that advertise. Why may it […]

See your doctor now, pay later

If you are injured in an accident but you do not have health insurance, or enough health insurance, you may be able to obtain medical treatment on a lien.¬† A medical lien means that the doctor or health care provider will provide you treatment and not charge you immediately after the treatment. The provider will […]